About Us

Our Purpose:

Elke was created for all tween girls- for girls with courage and soul. Elke is a brand of clothing that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also functional and can move through the day with every tween girl. My eldest daughter was the inspiration behind every item in this range. Her conversations with me about life, the challenges and triumphs she faces, her goals and desires. We worked together to create a range of clothing that addressed the needs of all tween girls, and she even designed our blush and blue prints which can be seen in our Summer and Autumn ranges.  Harper is very proud of what she has been able to help me create, and she hopes that every tween girl will love it too.

Our Vision:

We have created a range that is kind to our planet- Elke is a label that has embraced the slow fashion movement and is a sustainable and ethical brand. We our proud to say that we have taken every effort to ensure every item is produced as environmentally friendly as possible, and we have worked closely with our artisans to source fabric that is organic and sustainably produced.

Every item in our first two ranges is designed to be worn together in different ways, allowing you to create the maximum amount of looks with minimal pieces. We are working on future ranges that will be able to work back in with initial ranges- meaning your Elke clothes will never be out of fashion, and along with being made of the highest possible quality, your Elke clothes will last year after year.

Who We Work With:

At Elke we work closely with our agent to ensure that we can offer sustainable and ethical textile manufacturing. The facility we currently use prides itself on high quality production with sophisticated and transparent production operation, ecological waste management systems, and a clean and safe work environment where workers are paid accordingly to and above the award wage. Because they strive to reduce their own footprint on our planet, our agent encourages their clients the use of either sustainable natural fibres which is why all Elke products are made from either Linen or 100% cotton.

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